About Us

Does your computer seem to be in need of a little medicine?
Then this is probably the right place for you!

Your computer should work for you, and that is our goal here at Mend Your Computer Services.

From helping you decide what programs you do and don’t need.
To driving those nasty viruses out with a vigorous hard drive massage.
We’ll do what it takes to help that computer back onto it’s feet.

Since Elementary school I have always had a fascination with Computers and the programs we use on them. Having repaired more computers than I can count, that curiosity has evolved over the years to give me the confidence and skills needed to tear into the heart of the machines we now use every day.

I recently moved to St. Maries to enjoy the atmosphere, where I soon found out there was a need for a Computer Repair Technician. After some months of considering, we are now open and willing to help. Eventually we plan to do seminars to help everyone understand key points about the technology they use and bring to us on a daily basis.